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The General Workers' Union (GWU) Youths is a Voluntary Association, which is a part of GWU. GWU Youths represents members under the age of 35. The aforementioned segment also represents participants concerning the youths in society and national and foreign affairs. The GWU Youths are part of the National Council for Youth (CAN) and the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) internationally in Malta. The Students, Workers, or UNEMPLOYED Youth shaped young people. The youths are the driving force for reform and inclusion, a movement that aims to foster a more inclusive and prosperous civil society. The General Workers’ Union Youths is an NGO which beliefs in various aspects to provide members with the best possible working conditions and environment that they can by seeing that equal pay is required, no discrimination is seen on the workplace, health and safety precautions are taken care of and various other aspects to having an equal and cultural working environment. The General Workers Union Youths is also known for sharing on what it strongly believes in such as the LGBTIQ+ community where the Youths have participated in it for several years to promote the right about this cause. Through this last year before the COVID 19 Pandemic the GWU Youths had created various activities such as parties to include the aspect of social activities, football tournaments, and various other aspects. This year, during the pandemic the Youths have started a new marketing campaign by spreading small video clips on social media about different topics such as the benefits of entering the youths, this is so that people following us on social media but are not members can see the benefits for themselves and encourage them to make the first move in joining. Another new development that the youths have made during the pandemic and before is that the youths are starting to do a live stream for about 30 minutes about various topics with a question and answer section to integrate the people and show them how the GWU Youths mid-set is.